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Our Previous Speakers

Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

It’s no secret that the future of banking will be open. Open banking is already disrupting the market and is naturally evolving into Open Finance, where there is a need for services that need to be bundled or coordinated giving rise to Embedded finance.

Strong Customer Authentication known as SCA is a new mandatory requirement for authenticating online payments whereas Embedded finance offers huge potential, it can be witnessed in almost infinite verticals within financial services, such as lending, insurance, savings, or wealth management that have become megatrends.

At the same time there is a momentum for pan European Instant payments, along with with “Request to Pay” as a value-added service, which is already on its way to change the payment behaviour and revolutionise payments as we know it by helping the consumers, FinTechs, merchants and society as a whole. It allows settling bills, transferring money at the drop of the hat and enhanced visibility into payments, better cash flow management.

We are proud to announce the return of our – 4th annual ‘Open Banking, SCA & Embedded Finance Forum’ (formerly OB & SCA Forum) in the live format. Each year it is represented by Thought-provoking presentations, keynotes, intellectual panel sessions, networking meetings and much more.

In addition, this year we are collocating our OB, SCA & EF Forum with one of the longest running shows on instant payments in Europe – ‘6th annual Instant Payments Summit” Both these two shows will be held live in Stockholm on separate days, with separate set of speakers, live discussions, attendees and sponsors.

We will bring a more nuanced and granular discussion around all the key developments, latest case studies and current trends at two respective conferences.

Each show would be represented by over 20 leading speakers (put together 40 speakers) with some shared networking of an estimated 125-150 qualified attendees at each show (total 250+ attendees). You could join any one or both these shows as per your interest.

We invite you to come participate and engage at this unique show – LIVE in Stockholm!

Warm welcome!


Our Previous Sponsors

Highlights for Open Banking & Embedded Finance

  • Current State of Play: PSD2 & Open Banking in Europe.
  • Embedded finance: A massive opportunity.
  • OB & Rise of Banking As a Service (BaaS).
  • Progression beyond Open Banking to Open Finance.
  • Premium Corporate APIs as part of Open Finance.
  • Open Finance Standards.
  • Key challenges on the road to Open Economy.
  • SCA and its impact on PSD2.
  • Digital Transformation momentum and impact on OB.
  • OB & Cross-border payments in Europe.
  • Customer Centricity drive.

Highlights for Instant Payments & R2P

  • Insights on the current state of play in PAN European Payments.
  • The role of technology in unlocking the potential of IP and R2P.
  • Updates on the European Payments Initiative (EPI).
  • Current payments landscape in Nordics.
  • The role of regulatory bodies and regulatory updates.
  • Will R2P boost the appetite for IP?.
  • Why interoperability is key to IP?.
  • Updates on SEPA SCT Inst, RT1, TIPS.
  • Need for a harmonized and ubiquitous payments system PAN Europe.
  • Achieving customer centricity via IP and R2P.

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    Sponsors & Partners

    Speakers From Around Europe Sharing Knowledge

    We are proud to present highly qualified speakers from the banking Industry across the Europe to enlighten you with their expertise and recent market trends.

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    Aligning Open banking and SCA for harmonised implementation

    Presenting Europe’s First dedicated conference on Open Banking and SCA Forum

    Photos from our SCA Summit